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(also – the info on this website is out of date. someday i’ll sort it.)

Want more B2B leads and sales?

I might be able to help.

I help with strategy and positioning, and I create communications that ramp up your revenue and profits.

…mainly for B2B companies that need the attention of CEOs and C-suite.

You want to transform your vision into actions and communications that…

…differentiate you…

…bring more leads in…

…nurture and convert more leads…

…keep your customers on board, and help them buy more…

…shorten sales cycles…

…help you grow in new markets…

…ramp up ROI…

If these 9 things ‘chime’ with you, we might be a match

1. You sell a big-ticket product. CEOs or other C-suites weigh in on the purchase decision. You need marketing that gets the attention of these people, and ‘talks’ to them.

2. You want strategic thinking. And you want every piece of communication to help your customers’ buying processes.

3. You want creativity where it can get the attention you need; but not creativity for the sake of it. Strategy comes first.

4. Your product is among the best on the market. (Though your marketing might be awful at the moment.)

5. You know that an authentic brand voice, that’s distinctive to you, can draw people to you, and help keep customers loyal.

6. You want your prospects to connect with the story of your brand.

7. You want communications that really ‘talk’ to people – not same-old same-old corporate babble.

8. You know that simplifying the message for your prospects – and giving it more ‘drive’ – will get more on board.

9. You need someone with the experience to create communications that talk effectively to all stakeholders.

Some of the things I do

(List below.)

…I’ve worked for tech startups, shampoo brands, and everything between. I’ve worked as a designer, art director, copywriter, creative director, founder of a startup… This breadth of experience is really handy – along with the experience helping sell big ticket B2B products.

I mention this because below is a fairly long list, and you might be thinking, “Well – don’t you specialise?”

Yes – I do – I specialise in the human brain: what drives us? What makes us choose A over B…

From the big picture of why-this-concept, to the smallest why-this-word-here…I’m driven by why-this-will-work.

– Strategy
– Marketing Direction
– Creative Direction
– Marketing plans
– Critiques of marketing
– Concepts / ‘the big idea’
– Brand voice
– Copywriting
– Art Direction
(This is not a complete list)

Leaders in industry will tell you I know what I’m doing

I suggest you invest a minute or two of your time into a look at the testimonials page on this site.

Email me for the password to my portfolio

I’m at [email protected]

Pause as you scroll other pages on this site – look at the rationales, the results – what can this guy’s brain bring to your project? Invest a little time on this site, and you’ll see work to an uncommonly high standard.

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