David Ogilvy, the guy Wikipedia calls The Father of Advertising, said this:

Drayton Bird knows more about direct marketing than anyone else in the world.

And here’s something Drayton said about a piece of my work:


…here’re some other things some others’ve said…

“Richard, your 22 Ways rock! […] It feels like you wrote these just for me, not to the world. Did you?”

Andrew Southard


“You are goooood, Richard. Thank you for sharing the beautiful ideas.”

Robert Jirda


“I was spellbound on how you can ‘talk’ with your words. What an awesome gift you have…”

Rosemarie Robertson


“I used to be an English professor; suddenly, I’m feeling like my students did when they got back one of their essays with my handwriting all over it. […] I’ve revised the script based on your suggestions.”

Steve Anderson


“Just wanted to say “that was a read worthy of my time”. Your work is inspiring, talent rises to the top!”

Nicholas McIntosh


“The voice is amazing. I have no idea how you were able to write something that sounds like it came from my mouth. I shared it with a few friends and they too said it was amazing how you captured ‘me’. You certainly have a talent for identifying something and giving it life through words.”

Jim Leszczynski


“Richard, One word. Perfect. This is Cellusys. You have captured it. Lets do it… ALL.”

Dawood Ghalaieny


“Wow, Richard. You’re a “real” copywriter—the kind who gets people to read what you write. Once I started I couldn’t stop! Looking forward to learning more from you.”

Derek Lewis


“Richard…..THANK YOU. I’ve only read through the entire thing once and that was when I woke up at 6am this morning, but its great. I am going to work through it all today and try to execute on the things you suggest. Money well spent i’ll say. THANK YOU”

David Craig White


“Richard has two valuable talents which many far better-known writers have never mastered. He can vary his style. And his work has charm.”

Drayton Bird


“In a world of cookie cutter marketing and ‘me too’ copywriters, you stand head and shoulders above.

“I REALLY like your copywriting style. It’s fresh, easy to read, and while tongue in cheek at times (and cheeky at times), it’s clearly underpinned by a solid strategy. It demands to be read. And it disarms the cynicism and cuts through the information overload.

“I have rubbed shoulders with some pretty eminent copywriting beings. I was invited to present with Gary [Halbert] at one of his marketing boot camps[…]I’ve had long friendship with Jay Abraham too[…]had some good chats with Drayton back in the days he presented workshops in Australia[…] So when I say I REALLY like your copy, I’ve got some pretty impressive benchmarks to compare it with.”

Chris Newton