Steal This Idea

…the idea below hasn’t been realised yet.

I want someone to steal the idea. I’d love to see it realised. None of my clients can use it.

So the idea is here for a Creative Director in an ad agency to steal…Might be good for a client of yours?

hole567 earth567

If you have a mobile phone company as a client, maybe they could use it…

Or it could work for a brand that does lots of promo stuff at festivals. Like Smirnoff or Heineken. And of course festival season ain’t so far away now…

There might be clients in other categories this’d work for.

I’ve shown the idea to a few creative directors in advertising and marketing agencies. A few have gone: “Yeh – ok, maybe…

And other creative directors really get it – and love the idea. But I haven’t yet found someone with a client who can use it.

Right now it’s the Hole Through the Earth™ – but the brand that grabs it would make it theirs: the Vodafone Hole Through the Earth. Or the Smirnoff Hole Through the Earth, maybe.

If Vodafone grabs it, it could be in the shape of a big speech-mark thingy – like their logo. Or Smirnoff could make it look like a big bottle top, maybe. Whichever brand takes it, obviously they’d make it fit for them:

…put your ear up to the Hole Through the Earth and you hear a voice. You can talk back — you’re having a conversation through the earth to people in another country…

I can see this at music festivals. Away from the stages, so you’d hear through the pipe ok. At two festivals that’re on at the same time, obviously…

…it wouldn’t need to be music festivals – it could be at other types of festivals and fun events. There are so many on – surely there’ll be loads coinciding…

Or it could be a more permanent thing. Maybe near beaches.

Imagine: at the weekend, with the kids — the kids can talk with people in another country through the Hole Through the Earth™.

Maybe in touristy areas; or maybe just near the bars and restaurants in a town.

The Recipe:

1. Design the thing to show off the brand: the Vodafone Hole Through the Earth or whatever…

…and make it look like the end of a pipe through the earth. At a good height so people can sit on the edge.

Make sure people know what it is — e.g. print on it the words “The xyz Hole Through the Earth™”. Maybe also something like: “Talk to people in Gondwanaland — say something into the pipe and listen for replies.”.

2. Build another one, in another area, or in another country.

3. Throw a phone into each pipe-end. Connected to each other. Always-on.

Well, don’t just throw in the phones: rig them up so when someone speaks into the grid at one end, their voice comes out the other end, in the other country. And so the voice from the pipe sounds like it’s coming from way down the pipe…through the earth.

Some bits and pieces that’d need to be sorted:

➜ Obviously the telecoms equipment beneath the grid in the hole would need to not get wrecked if it gets rained on, or a drink spilled on it.

➜ There could be something that detects movement, and indicates to people whether there are people at the other end of the hole, even if they’re not talking — so people know there’s somebody there to talk to.

➜ Language: I guess the pipe-ends would need to be in countries where people either speak the same native language, or where much of the two populations speak the same second language. The Netherlands and Scandinavian countries could link up with English-speaking countries, since the Dutch and Scandinavians speak pretty good English. Or perhaps the pipe-ends can be in touristy areas in any country, where there’s likely to be a lot of people who speak English.

➜ Of course, time zones would play a part — say if it’s a permanent-ish thing, people out partying on a Saturday night would probably be best talking to other people out partying, rather than to Sunday morning dog walkers 🙂

Do let me know if this is any use for you.



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