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A note for copywriters:

Most of you are lovely people. And I have a bunch of stuff you might find useful. I’ll say more about that in a second…

I’ll say this first though:

…just recently a designer guy emailed me to let me know a copywriter had just asked him to do a layout for the idea you see up above.

I contacted that copywriter. I have the date of origin of the idea up above filed. We can check who originated the idea… I haven’t heard back from that copywriter (not yet anyway), so I’m listing all the creative directors and marketing directors in this guy’s city – he lives in a different country; but really it doesn’t matter where he lives – and I’m going to send all those creative directors and marketing directors my business card.

When someone gets another fella’s card with the same idea, it’s not going to do much for this guy’s reputation.

I don’t wish bad on this guy…

Loads of ads are inspired by other ads. And, especially in direct mail, loads of stuff is kinda recycled.

But this copywriter guy is selling himself as a conceptual writer… and he’s not able to come up with his own promo idea…

…what’s that about…?

Look, I have a bunch of promo ideas and business card ideas – some as good as this one – that I’m not going to use. If you want them, email me and you can have them. Free.

My book How to Write to Connect, Persuade, and Sell – if you’re so skint you can’t afford the few shekels that is, let me know and I’ll help you out.

Same with my book 11 Ways to Get More Business.

And here’s a bunch of ideas you might find helpful – they’re free.

But the content on my site, in my emails, in my books – that ain’t for you to plagiarize.

And seriously, if you’re any good at the job you’re selling yourself for, you’ll be able to come up with your own promo ideas.

It’s worth my while making an example out of any robbers – and that’s what I’ll do.

…I’m not whining. I get a good number of emails from people I’ve never met – writers and not-writers, who say really kind stuff about what they see on my site, in my books, in the emails I send out… Thank you for that.


…if you’re a copywriter and you want me to send you those ideas; or if you’re a maybe-client and you want to say hello, email me at richard(at) or through this form:

To fix a time to talk, or to see my portfolio:


Talk soon.



Or find me at:

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+353 87 357 4031

Skype id: RichardClunan

...or sling a pigeon my way.