Christmas card for a Technology company

Click-thru rate on this was 14.9 times higher than the industry average.





One of Cellusys’ products is a Signalling Firewall. It protects users against people tracking their phones.

Above is a Christmas card I concepted for Cellusys.

Email title was: Santa Tracking Application Launched in time for Christmas

The first image people see in their email – they click ‘Track Santa’ and are taken to the animated tracking screen, which stays on the screen for a few seconds before bringing them to the ‘Can’t track’ page. From there they can click to the Signalling Firewall product page.

Click-thru rate was 14.9 times higher than the industry average.

The Signalling Firewall is a new product. Lots of people sent comments. Here are two:

“that was the best ecard this year without doubt!”

“I just love this. Great idea and great execution! Whoever is behind this congratulate them from me and tell them well done!”

Not many people knew about the Cellusys Signalling Firewall, so the objective here was to get the word out. There’s €millions of potential in doing that. There’s more to the sales process than the card only, of course.

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